Welcome To On Your Wish!!!

About Us

This website / portal acts as a medium to get customers to dealers who sell specific products. This website at present focuses on Sports goods and accessories. This is one domain which we are planning to work with initially.

The website On Your Wish, is not a direct dealer of products but works as a platform for Dealers respective to the products. 

We are also working in order to get more products from different domains and make it available to public. 

The dealers registered onto this website are genuine dealers who have good rapport in the market and also are having a legacy in their field of business.

1 specific point we would want to clear about the website is :-

Why Ads ???

The sole purpose of this add, is to cover up the infrastructure expenses and once we reach a break even we will be donating the amount gathered from the ads to some or the other social cause. Once we do that we will also keep the customers posted about the same. It is just a small way to give back to the society which has given us many opportunities. 


Team On Your Wish.